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 I designed the new high resolution optical technology, which improves the experience in every movement, then  I have a long life, since I live more than 3'000 .000 clicks.   You know ¿Because I called Kangaroo?  that I have my own bag MOUSE PAD, protection and savings.

OVAL HUB 4 ports

If you run out USB ports on your computer or laptop, you can add the OVAL HUB to connect your cameras, mice, memory drives, and everything you need. This device requires no software to operate, just plug in and start using it.   Its USB 2.0 ports support transfer rates up to 500 Ma, without addit

SIM 38 IN 1

This amazing card reader 38 in 1 gives maximum comfort by allowing you to easily transfer your files, images and music to your computer or laptop from your mobile phone, digital camera or video camera and PDA. You can use it with 38 different types of cards.   Small and incredibly fast, so you can
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